Client.- Gamel
Location: Lima, Perú
Year: 2021

Work team:
José Hoyos (creative writer)
Christy Zamudio (lead designer)
Energy is our center of gravity

Gamel is a medical imaging company, with 15 years working in innovation, design, and technology, that facilitates tools to find, track, and, in some cases, successfully treat afflictions.
Due to their Crystal anniversary, and aiming at strengthening, reaffirming, and showing their institutional values, Gamel renewed its image with a high-impact comprehensive proposal, that is also fresh and youthful, reflecting the perspective of the new management.
The Sun, with its warmth, the center of gravity, and energy, represent the unity of the organization, and just like a family, the proximity of each element creates a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.


The evolution
Our rebranding strategy proposes reinventing the brand without losing its essence and corporate colors, so we decided to slightly extend its chromatic range, in the same shades, keeping the base colors.


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