Client: Pisco Buena Cosecha
Category: Distilled Drinks
Location: Lima, Perú
Year: 2014

Company hired: Fly Studio
Lead designer: Christy Zamudio (freelance project)
Buena Cosecha is a Peruvian company that produces its own line of Pisco, Peru’s national drink. 
The Company, founded over 10 years ago, is a distillery in the Valley of Villacuri, Ica - Peru.

Some years into production, the Company decided that it was time to increase their presence in the local market and to expand internationally. The goal was to not only compete against other Piscos, but against other major distilled spirits.The Company also wanted to redesign the logo and to launch a new and star product in its line of Piscos.

The challenge was to work meticulously each piece of the project, making it recognizable enough to the Peruvian market, as well as easily recognized as a Peruvian product for the international market.​​​​​​​

The big challenge with the logo was to completely redesign it without losing its essence. The old symbol was engraved on leather, in the form of an antique wax seal, giving it an artisan/handmade feel. So, using that feel as a base, I decided to work hand in hand with an international artist named Sandra Salazar. We explored some techniques and line drawings, looking for something that looked natural, liberal and handcrafted.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
True and exquisite Pisco is the result of a balance between traditional and modern techniques in order to bring the best of the grapes. So I designed the logo to show that balance, using typography to express its strength and reliability, while at the same time bringing to memory the classic structure on the city of Lima.​​​​​​​
During the distillation process, as much of the heads and tails are removed as possible, leaving only the most desirable component, the “heart”, or Corazon in Spanish, in its purest form to elaborate the purest of Pisco.
This is a rare category of Piscos, unique in its own right, where you can taste the best of Peru in every ounce. The result was the picture of a heart made of branches, to evoke the flavor of life, the dewy smell of the valleys of Ica, the strength and courage that rises within us and that brings out the best in us.
The process for making Pisco Corazon was already an expensive one, so I was given a specific budget that required direct and simple solutions. Now, how create a product that could express the meaning of the product, making it stand out in the Peruvian market while at the same time making it ultimately Peruvian? 

I started by researching in depth the competition, as well as other famous distilled drinks, analyzing how they moved in the foreign market, in order to bring all those findings into the package.

Using a copper metal ink, embossed graphics, and a heavy bottle with strong glass, I could achieve this unique blend between strength and finesse that can be savored in Pisco Corazon.

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